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Black GoldVille (Summary from Threads by o7o7[LGN]
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These Map guides series are originally started by o7o7 from [LGN].  This forum intends to make a summary of them and also add little bits which might have been left off.  

Map 1
Black GoldVille

(This reading will be effective if you look on the map and the designated spot side by side by opening the map above in a different window) 
G1 - This is a great spot for TDs if the rest of the team is heading to caves.  There are a few bushes here you can camp in for cover and you have a nice FoV on the caves side of the map.  If your team heads to the flag or into town, you will be quickly annihilated by the red team that goes caves.  If your team does go caves, you can advance to G6 when you're out of targets.  If your team goes town, you can fall back to G7.  If you are not a TD, you shouldn' t be at G1 because otherwise you are weakening the overall team position !
The [color=red]map
 above shows Beefhat (a blitz player) it his high visibility tank (preferably 260 view range, though 250 also works) sitting on a little crest in the middle of the map.

The [color=red]map above shows Beefhat it his high visibility tank (preferably 260 view range, though 250 also works) sitting on a little crest in the middle of the map.
With coated optics alone, I can spot up into the caves, as well as down across the refinery area; I'll frequently spot heavies moving across from spawn to the refinery and have enough time to get one or two shots off. Similarly I can spot the climb up to cave if positioned correctly. Finally, I can spot where reds takes cover outside the cave, for endless side/rear shots. I can spot flankers who come fast through refinery (though this usually means I am spotted too and have to reposition).

I haven't tried this with 260 view range plus binocs, but I will soon as that's what I'm running on my Spahpanzer. That being said, it should only make it more OP. This position is amazing for 2 reasons. 1) it allows you to sense which direction reds are going really fast and respond appropriately, while also giving your team a heads up. 2) I can rack up soooo much damage on caves because you have a flanking shot on the most highly used cover there is.

G2 - This is an excellent spot for slower heavies if the team has gone caves and midfield (as they should) and has great cover, bushes and hull-down positions.  It is also a good spot for tanks coming to the battle area that were somewhere else or fleeing from a weaker position.  From here you can hit almost the entire map except the caves.  That except is very important because if you are losing the the caves and don't help your team, you're next on the kill list.

G3 - This is no-mans land on the green side where so many tanks die.  This is because Red was allowed to get the caves and you're backing up with little-to-no-cover and just getting hammered.  Don't be here unless you are truly trapped, there is little tactical advantage. 

G4 - This is "The Caves" you've seen splashed across the chat 1,000 times.  From the green side the caves are tactically superior.  You have a great area for medium cover by the main pilar, and plenty of hull-down low rises from the left side.  On the contrary, red has a bottle-neck entrance and hills to push up at slow speeds to get into the caves.  Once you win the caves you can then go to the ridge and snipe the factory and Red spawn with ease.

G5  - This is what I call the choke-point of this [color=red]map and that is because if this spot is worked correctly by a low-profile medium- with other meds and heavies in the caves, and TDs at G1/2... you're all but guaranteed a win with your superior control of the entire map.  That said, the only medium drivers that go here need to know how to take a lot of incoming fire and hide, because you can bet all of red is gunning for you.
G5  Choke point  below:-

G6  - This is actually a bad early-game spot to go to from the green side because the hill between G5 and G6 eliminates your chances of shooting anything above it, and the hill to the right near G9 prevents the same for the other way.  I call this area the "Tunnel" because of this setup and if you are here early and red goes caves, you're only help is to either kill their spawn campers or AFKs or get behind them on the hill up.

G7,8,9,10  - I'm not going to comment much on these because I don't think on this side of the map you should be here... but if you are (and red is not) 7 and 8 can provide sniping spots (but with little cover) and 10 can get you cussed out for sniping when you're not in a TD.  9 is the flag.  If you compare the area of control below to the area of control from G1, you can see you "own" far less of the main map. Picture Below:-

Red tactics

R1 - This is a solid spot for spawn-sniping if you are a TD.  If you are not a TD and you are here, then you are camping and be prepared to get a lot of flak from your team!  The one big drawback is that you can't hit the midfield, so a Green medium at G5 is free to kill your team without you being able to support.  That said, if your team goes Flag / Factory, it is a solid place to defend against the Green team from caves and midfield as your team captures the base and holds the factory R10.  

Spawn Sniping 

R2 - This is a bad spot and you shouldn't be here.  There is no tactical advantage over R1 and you have no cover at all.  The little bit of elevation doesn't help you and you still can't hit the midfield.

R3 - Like the spawn, this is a great spot for TDs and slower heavies.  You can hit most of the Green positions and support the caves (which is the big benefit of this spot over just spawn-sniping).  Plenty of cover and buildings here to hide behind and stop mediums from COD-ing you (because they will hit something and get stuck).  

Low Midfield

R4 - This is a great backup location to R3 and can support the caves positions R5 and R6 and all midfield positions in a defensive manner.  That said, many tanks die here because they camp or don't advance as the battle rages in the caves or midfield.  So moral of the story, get here quick and set up shop- but if you have no targets then you need to move on despite the great cover.  


R5 - This is the "Caves" form the red side.  That said, if you have gone here against a good Green team, you are at a tactical disadvantage (even worse in R6).  If however, Green has not taken the inside of the caves and you can get to their G4- you have a great position then to control both the caves and the midfield, as well as the factory.  In the image below, you can see the huge disadvantage if they have taken the caves, you have two points to defend and a hill to climb to return fire.  This is a losing position unless you have a lot more guns behind you than they do.  That said, you can turn this tide by taking the right side column and in turn put them on the defense.  They're closer to the caves though, don't forget that!


R6 - This is dead-man's land. You will see tank corpses piled up here regularly from failed attempts to take the caves to a superior Green position at G4.  What happens is as you get chased out of R5, you hit your own backup tanks and then find yourself here- with your entire hull wide open to fire from G4, G2, G1 and G5- and thus resulting in your near-immediate death.  

R7 - Unfortunately for the Red side, R7 and G5 are right next to each other- but R7 is far inferior.  Why?  Because you have zero cover from G1 TDs sniping at you and you have no backup from R3 (your TDs) because the buildings are blocking them and G3 & G4 can hit you too.  So you have 4 Green positions firing at you and no Red positions firing back.  Lots of good medium players die here.

R8 - This location is equivalent to G6 with the exception that if your team went Flag/Factory then this can be a key choke-point to defend the base as green rushed from the caves to the flag.

R9 - The flag.  I can't tell you how many times I have seen a solidly positioned green team lose on this map to a single red tank capturing the flag.  It is one of your absolute best defenses (or offense in this case) to winning on this map from the Red side- but only when your other 6 tanks are effectively holding their positions, otherwise you will simply get overwhelmed.  This is a perfect tactic if you are a Tier 6 in a Tier 8 battle (or any 2 tier down tank).  

R10 - This is a great area to defend the flag, snipe at the caves, or kill any straggling Greens that went the wrong way.  The factory is far superior for the Red team due to the cover that the spawn position provides for Red TDs. Additionally, it is a great location to shoot tanks as they race from the caves to defend the flag capture.  That said, you should not go here in a lone TD because you very well may find a flanking medium split out from the pack, and he will make quick business of your HP. 
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5th Apr 2016

Good stuff, very useful. Thanks!

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5th Apr 2016

your welcome man...its good that someone is using these guides.
I am willing to add more only and only if we get more than 10 of our people looking at it Haahaha.
but in all seriousness we really need to read up these guides ...i haven't seen much traffic on these guides yet
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16th May 2016

How useful is this now that the map has been changed? I assume not very. Id be interested in seeing these analyses for the other maps...
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17th May 2016

YOu are correct JohnLH; one has to extrapolate to the new map version. I like this, though, as an idea of the thought process to be in as you and your team fall into place and make contact. Where are you at what moment, and how does it determine your outcome...?
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20th May 2016

on it guys. going to change/ replace this one 
any map suggestions?
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