CWNA 10-7v7 Turn 5 (Attacking Tile 13 -- [501st]
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We believe strength of the team is EACH individual member

The strength of EACH member is THE TEAM.
We are active and engaging members of the World of Tanks Blitz community. 

         We play Blitz because we adore tanks. We are here to improve our play-style, develop chemistry and become good friends along our journey.  Here in SKILL family, our mission is to help our fellow tankers out by being more active and engaging in Blitz community and platooning up to enjoy our time.  This clan have great passion to be one of the best in the game, and hope that we can have a good time together while we are on this journey.  We are known to be proud of our group of friends who are in for a good time no matter the situation.

SKILL Family consists of tankers who focus on improving their abilities to support the team while developing good sportsmanship.

My fellow  Tankers , ask not what  your   CLAN  can do for you, ask what  you  can do for your  CLAN .
—— JFK (edited by tanker070)


SKILL brotherhood includes [SKILL] [SK2LL]

Requirements for [SKILL]
      This is a closely-knit group of guys, members of this group are held to higher standards on and off the battle field.  Being respectful, good sport, and team player are some of the must haves to make it into this group.  A tanker must demonstrate  abilities listed above in order to be considered to enlist into SKILL. 

Requirements for [SK2LL]
This division of SKILL focuses on shaping our tankers into The elite warriors.  Members of this division must be respectful, friendly, and persistent.  Along with these core values tankers are also required to possess the following- 

Do not go gentle into that good night.  Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
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